New Phone System
     We have recently installed a computerized automated telephone system to improve access and communication between our staff and our patients.  To learn how to use it, click HERE.


Office Hours:

     Open Mon - Fri  9:00 AM - 4:30 PM
     For appointments call: 536-3308
     For fax call ( 24 hours ): 536-0430
For Routine Appointments:
     We try to leave space in our schedules to accommodate urgent problems within 24 hours, but that means we often have to limit the number of routine follow-up visits on any given day. If you would like to be seen for a routine check-up or health maintenance visit, we encourage you to call several weeks in advance so that we can match your scheduling needs with ours.


For Emergency or Urgent Visits:
     We try to accommodate urgent visits within 24-48 hrs. Tell the receptionist your problem is urgent if you feel that it cannot wait. Often she can refer you to one of our nurses for immediate advice or to schedule an urgent appointment. We appreciate your consideration of others, and we trust you only ask this when needed.

     If you need to contact a physician after office hours or on a holiday for advice or a problem that cannot wait, you may call Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital at (315)531-2000 and ask for the doctor ‘On-Call’ for your personal physician. A physician in our group will usually be able to return your call promptly. Remember that many managed care plans (notably Blue Choice and Preferred Care) require a physician authorization prior to an emergency room visit unless it is clearly a life threatening emergency.

     We currently rotate among ourselves to provide 24 hour coverage and advice. If you are faced with a life threatening medical emergency, you should go directly to the Soldiers & Sailors Hospital Emergency Department. The staff there will contact our physician ‘On-Call’ if necessary.

     If your personal physician is not on duty, rest assured that the on-call physician has equivalent training and has access to all of your office and hospital records if necessary.


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