Drug and Medication Information

Dr. Koop's Drugstore - Online information about prescription drugs with a drug interaction program to check whether your medicines could interact. Also has an online pharmacy.

Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage - EPIC - Eligible New York State Seniors can get substantial help with prescription medication costs through this program.

NeedyMeds - A new Internet website that lists indigent drug programs available from major pharmaceutical manufacturers. Gives information about patient eligibility for free or reduced priced medication as well as how to contact the companies.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - Information about medications, foods, the latest drug reports and news, medical device information, cosmetics, and many other topics of current interest.

PDR Net - Consumer information about drugs, side effects, health news and more from the Physician's Desk Reference.

Pharmaceutical Companies - Emergency Information Numbers - Provides the 24 hour emergency telephone numbers of all major drug manufacturers. Get emergency information about drug interactions, overdose treatments, antidotes, etc.

RxList.com - this conprehensive site offers consumers information on warnings, drug interactions, dosages, side effects, and overdose treatments. Users can search drugs by brand or generic name, or by the imprint code (the numbers and letters stamped on pills by the manufacturer). Also has FAQs about herbal medications and Chinese medications.

Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Site (VIPSS) - National Boards of Pharmacy - The National boards of Pharmacy certifies online pharmacies. The Food and Drug Administration advises consumers to purchase prescription drugs on the Internet only from those sites caryying the VIPPS seal of approval.