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Community Calendar

     Check out the schedule for upcoming and ongoing health related programs available in our local Finger Lakes area. Find out when and where to get your blood pressure checked, learn about classes for diabetes, find out about the great variety of support groups for Alzheimer's, alcohol and drug problems, mental health and more Go.


    Welcome to Keuka Health Care Associates Online!  Please explore our website, it contains information about the credentials and expertise of our practitioners, appointment scheduling, and emergency numbers.  You can find tips on health insurance as well as sources of advice on health maintenance and disease conditions.  In addition, you can find links and information on a multitude of other web-based medical sites.  We hope that you will enjoy your stay, and if you have any questions or suggestions, please give us feedback.

     If you are a return visitor, please note the links to our other main pages are available through the Quick Links box on each page, and are also available through the links shown in red at the bottom of most pages. The layout of the health and disease related links has been improved for easier navigation (and less scrolling).  Many of the links have been updated, and new links are being added all the time, so check back frequently!

     Our practice is specializes in adult health issues, complex disease diagnosis and management, and health maintenance for adult men and women. Our practitioners work closely with a range of regional sub-specialists in gastroenterology, cardiology, neurology, endocrinology, oncology and the surgical sub-specialties  to bring the highest quality medical care to our patients.

     We also have a reputation for excellence in helping individuals and families to deal with the medical and psychological problems of aging. We work closely with our local and regional home health agencies, physical therapy and rehab units, and community outreach programs.  Contact us now at (315)536-3308.


Get Health Information Fast!

   Launch our Health Links Navigator and browse a wide range of health topics and websites. If you are looking for information on specific diseases, check out our Disease Links page. 

New Hospital Website Online

   The Finger Lakes Health System website is now online. Find information about  local hospitals, practitioners, health system policies, local events, scheduling and much more. Click Here.


Meet our practitioners
  Browse the practitioners section of our website to learn about each of our practitioners.  Read about their qualifications, experience, areas of specialty, and professional associations. 
Meet the KHCA Doctors
Meet our Staff

Office Location: 418 N. Main Street, Penn Yan, NY 14527

Call (315)536-3308 for Appt.

Know someone who can't afford prescription medications?

     If so, then check out the drug and medication section of our health links page.  The drug and medication section has links to various sites that cater to patients that cannot afford their prescription medication.  Check out sites like "The Medicine Program", which works directly with patients in need, and "Needy Meds" which gives information about patient eligibility for free or reduced price medication.
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Local and Regional Links
     Browse some of the Finger Lakes region websites via our link directory. There are links to local health care providers, hospitals, governmental agencies, newspapers, and more!
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How's your health?
     Test yourself online with a free health risk analysis.  Check out a number of pages that offer an evaluation of your health risk for certain diseases and conditions.  There are no fees for assessment except as noted.
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Medical RealAudio links
    Want to hear it instead of reading it? Use your RealPlayer to listen to medical discussions and lectures on some of the most reputable professional medicine sites.
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