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Recently our practice has installed a new, automated phone system to assist both our patients and our staff personnel to communicate and transfer messages more quickly and effectively. As with any new installation, one can utilize the system more efficiently if   the basic principles are understood. This page summarizes how to use our new telephone system to your advantage.


You may use the system 24 hours a day. The menu choices and extensions are the same. During the day the menu choices available from a touch-tone phone will take you directly to the receptionist, nurse, prescription line, or billing personnel. If the person you are seeking is on another call, or away from  their phone extension, you will automatically be directed to their Voicemail. All of our staff checks their Voicemail and messages many times during the day, and first thing in the morning if your message was left on a holiday or weekend.

When leaving a message in a Voice Mailbox we ask that you speak clearly, identify yourself, and be sure to leave a number where we may reach you if a return call is requested, or if we need to contact you with questions about your message. Take your time, and leave as detailed a message as you need to -- the Voicemail calls have no time limits.

If you know the extension of the person you wish to reach, you may enter the numbers for that extension at any time while the first (introductory) message if being given. Likewise, once you get to know the numbers of the menu choices, you may enter those as soon as the introductory message starts to play.


Call Keuka Health Care Associates (315)536-3308
If you have a Touch Tone Phone
          Press "1"  for the Touch Tone Phone Menus
          Press "0"  if it is an Emergency (you will be transferred immediately to our operator)
If you do not have a touch tone phone, please stay on the line and an assistant will answer.
Touch Tone Menu
          Press "1"  - For an Appointment
          Press "2"  - To Leave a Message about Prescription Renewals
          Press "3"  - To speak to a nurse or to leave a message or question for your doctor.
          Press "4"  - To speak to someone about a bill, Medicare or other insurance question.
                 Billing Sub-Menu
                     Press "1" - If you have a question about office or outpatient billing.
                     Press "2"  - If you have a question about in-hospital or insurance billing.
          Press "0"  -   To speak to a receptionist about any other question or concern.
If you wish, you may press the number of the 3-digit extension to reach a specific staff member
directly  any time during the introductory message. ( " This is Keuka Health Care... )
          Direct Staff Extensions
              Receptionist (Anna Ward):  x 221
              Office Manager and Inpatient Billing and Insurance (Elsie Eighmey): x 223
              Nurses (Karen Hawley and Sharon Allen): x 227
              Billing Clerk (Alice MacKerchar): x 222
              Medical Transcriptionist (Linda Dickerson): x 224
              Medical Assistants (Joanna Eveland and Diane Webster): x 228
              Doctors (Welbourne, DeWitt, Bolad, Lindenmuth, Chowdhary, Broderick): x 221 or 227

Hospital Switchboard:  (315)531-2000
Hospital Emergency Department: (315)531-2500

If you would like to see the phone system menu options in greater detail, click here.

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