When you call our office at (315)536-3308, you will hear our introductory message. This starts "This is  Keuka Health Care Associates, offices of   Doctors Welbourne, DeWitt, Bolad, Chowdhary, Lindenmuth and Broderick..."  the message goes on to tell about office hours of operation and gives you the following options:

   If you have a touch tone phone, Press "1" . --> This will take you to the TOUCH TONE PHONE MENU

   If your call is about an emergency, or if the call is from another physician's office, Press "0" --> This will take you to our  Receptionist, or if it is after office hours, this choice ( "0") will take you to the Hospital Switchboard, where you can speak to someone in the Emergency Department, or else have the hospital operator page our Doctor On-Call.


1. If you would like to make an Appointment, Press "1".

(1)     This choice takes you to our Receptionist. If she is away from her desk, or is busy with another call, you may leave a detailed Voicemail message about your appointment needs. Be sure to include your name, phone number, which doctor you would like to see, whether it is for an urgent problem, or is for a routine visit, and the day(s) and time(s) which are best for you.


2. If you need a Prescription Renewal, Press "2".

(2)     This choice will take you to our Prescription Line. You may leave a message concerning any prescription or medication renewals that you need. Please leave the following information to be complete

Your Full Name
Your Telephone (or a number where you can be reached if there is a question)
The name of your Doctor.
    For each medication needed:
       Give the name(s) of the medication
       Dosage strength (usually on the prescription label in mg. or %)
       How you take the medication ( e.g. 3 times daily, at bedtime, once daily, etc.)
       Whether you want a 30 or 90 day supply in each bottle (or some other amount)
       The name of the Pharmacy you use (and phone # if it is not a local one)
       Whether you would like the Rx's phoned in, mailed, or wish to come to the office to get it.
       Please be sure to give all the information requested for each prescription.
       Take all the time you need.


3. If you would like to speak to a nurse, or leave a message or a question for your doctor,
   Press (3)

(3)      This menu choice will take you to one of our Nurses. Karen or Sharon are available daily to answer your questions, and to assist with medical concerns you are having. They can also communicate your questions to your physician (between patient visits). They are your best source for information and help if you have a problem. They can schedule you for urgent visits, help with medication problems, and relay advice from your doctor in-between office calls. If both of our nurses are busy with patients, or if they are on the phone when you call, you may leave a detailed message. The nurses will try to answer you as soon as they are free to return your call


4.  If you need to ask a question about billing or insurance, Press (4)


 This choice takes you to a second Billing Menu.

     Press "1" if you need to discuss a billing question about an office visit.

                    This will take you to our office billing clerk.

     Press"2" if you have a question about, or need to discuss something about a 
                  bill for in-hospital professional services, or about ambulatory surgery
                 (e.g. sigmoidoscopy, or colonoscopy)

                 This will take you to our office inpatient accounts and office manager.

If you have a concern that is not addessed by one of the above choices, you may stay on the line or dial "0"  and a "human" receptionist will assist you.

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