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Post Finasteride SyndromePost-Finasteride Syndrome is a situation of severe sexual, neurological, and physical reactions to finasteride treatment. But what is Finasteride? It is an enzyme inhibitor which is prescribed to treat hair loss and enlarged prostates. This effect is caused by tampering the sex hormone and balance in the body. This may lead to a drop in testosterone levels and a jump in the estrogen creating a decrease in the masculinity of the body. Before you order finasteride there are certain details you need to know about the pill such as the side effects, precautions etc. These side effects of Finasteride may continue for even months and years after the treatment is stopped. Some men are able to evade these effects by the virtue of strong coping ability, however, most men are not as lucky. Earlier, it was waved away as no serious illness but of late, its adverse implications have started to be recognized. The exhilarating part to the syndrome is the lack of a cure presently and only a handful of partly-effective treatments.

Symptoms of post finasteride syndrome

Sexual Symptoms

Physical Symptoms

Mental Symptoms

Decrease in libido


Memory impairment

Erectile Dysfunction


Slowed thought process

Orgasm Disorders

Muscle Atrophy

Decreased comprehension

Decreased semen volume and force

Dry skin with less sebum production


Scrotal Shrinkage and numbness



Slowing of the Metabolism


Feeling of self harm


Suicidal thoughts

Is there any cure for post finasteride Syndrome?

The modern pharmaceutical world boasts of a magic pill to cure any ailment. One pill for Malaria, one treatment for Whooping cough. However, science has not been able to keep pace with the side effects of Finasteride consumption. There is no one cure, and the known treatments only provide symptomatic relief. It is advised to consult a general practitioner and seek a treatment to be altered to the patient as each patient can suffer from varied symptoms. One could wait for the body to rebalance its sex hormones on its own, but very directly put, the body takes its time to readjust. To give the body the perfect conditions to balance its sex hormones, one needs to follow a healthy diet, vigorous exercise regime and should get at least eight hours of sleep. However, the process can be expedited by taking vitamin supplements, testosterone boosters and other supplements to kick start the libido and externally handle the management of sex hormones in the body. Another verified way of getting back one’s masculinity is through drug therapy involving drugs and pharmacy to increase testosterone production in the body. Of late, another trend has emerged of administering hormone replacement therapy as a last resort for those men on whom the other treatments failed to provide an effect. Some men even opt for additional DHT replacement. However, there has not been conclusive evidence to support its actual efficacy in giving relief to the side effects. The decision to partake in such a therapy should always be discussed extensively with an urologist and a general practitioner due to the risk of health complications in the future.

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