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    418 North Main Street

    Penn Yan, New York 14527


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Since October 1924, Soldiers and Sailors has provided comprehensive patient services at 418 North Main Street, Penn Yan. Dedicated to those from Yates County who served in World War I, the Hospital was founded by a group of area residents and businessmen following an ambitious fund­raising campaign.

The Hospital expanded its facilities during the mid­1950s, beginning a series of construction projects that continued throughout the next four decades. In 1984, an 80­bed nursing facility, The Homestead, was built adjoining the Hospital proper. 72 additional long term care beds were included in a $6 million expansion completed in 1994.

Outpatient and inpatient mental health services began in 1989 during a major construction­renovation project that involved every patient care area. A new main entrance, expanded emergency medicine facilities and a new intensive care unit were among several expansion projects in the plan.

Long noted for its excellent medical staff, backed by more than 500 professional, technical and support staff, Soldiers and Sailors is recognized as a leader in rural health care. Its array of more than 40 patient services provides a continuum of care that is necessary to address a rapidly changing health care environment.ssentry.jpg (19914 bytes)


Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital is a rural, community health care institution whose mission is to serve all who live, work and visit in Yates County and neighboring areas. The Hospital is committed to providing accessible and affordable quality care, and to meeting the health care needs of the community.

Within the scope of its resources, Soldiers & Sailors provides programs, patient care, equipment, staffing and facilities to address current and emerging needs of a rural area.

Soldiers & Sailors accepts a leadership role in identifying health care needs within the community and working, in concert with agencies and resource personnel, to develop programs needed at the local level. The Hospital is an advocate for members of our community who have, traditionally, been underserved and who are most in need of health care services.

Soldiers & Sailors Memorial Hospital, its directors and staff, are committed to the following objectives:

1. Maintain an environment that recognizes the dignity of and the respect for, each patient, our medical staff, employees and community members.
2. Continually maintain, expand and implement ways to improve the quality of care delivered to our patients.
3. Provide quality health care with professionalism, technical competence and compassion, using the principles of total quality improvement with implementation of a hospital­wide program for continuous quality improvement.
4. Manage change at a rural, community hospital, in a regulatory environment, to address divergent needs within our community.
5. Advocate, via leadership, the growth of a rural health care system that offers a range of services, including, but not limited to, primary, ambulatory, inpatient medical­surgical, inpatient and outpatient mental health, long term care and substance abuse services.
6. Maintain a work environment that attracts and retains qualified personnel in all departments; actively recruit needed medical staff and other professional­technical staff.
7. Strengthen the Hospital's financial viability via prudent planning, cost­effective decision making and well­managed organizational assets.
8. Provide educational opportunities at Soldiers & Sailors for medical and nursing students, and for other health care professionals; encourage current staff to pursue educational programs with financial support from the Hospital.
9. Ensure strong leadership, responsiveness to the health care needs of Yates County and a well­informed decision­making process by electing directors who have diverse backgrounds and a strong commitment to the growth of Soldiers & Sailors.

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· 43 patient services

· 500 staff members

· 43 member medical staff

· 26 other consulting/specialty physicians

· 217 beds 49 medical­surgical 4 intensive care 12 inpatient psychiatric 152 long term care

· Comprehensive surgical services

· Emergency care around­the­clock

· Intensive care and telemetry units

· Diagnostic and rehabilitative services

· Two outpatient primary care centers

· Inpatient and outpatient mental health programs

· Senior outreach and Occupational Health Services

· Adult Day Health Care

· Clinical laboratory

· Radiology including CT scan and mammography

· Cardiac Rehabilitation

· Physical, occupational and speech therapy services

· Clinical pathways programs


Soldiers or Sailors Memorial Hospital

418 North Main Street, Penn Yan


Located on the northern edge of the village, the Hospital has served area residents and visitors at this site since October 1924. The original facility was expanded during the mid­1950s and again during the 1960s. The Medical Arts Building was added in 1974 and a new long term care facility, The Homestead, opened in 1984. A major construction­renovation project, completed in 1991, provided a new main entrance­lobby, enlarged emergency medicine facilities and refurbished patient services areas throughout the Hospital.

The Homestead

The Hospital's nursing home, which began as an 80­bed facility in 1984, was expanded into a 152­bed long term care center in 1994. A 12­participant (per day) adult day health care program is also located on site.

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An outpatient primary care facility, located on the ground floor of the Hospital, the Center is served by family practitioners, Dr. Mary Driesch and Dr. Vivian Lorenzo, a nurse practitioner and staff nurses. Patients are seen on an appointment basis.

John D. Kelly Behavioral Health Center Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (531-2400)

Continuing Day Treatment Program (531-2401)

Senior Outreach Program (536­7486)

465 North Main Street, Penn Yan

Located a short distance from the Hospital's main campus, the Center houses two outpatient mental health programs: the mental health clinic and the continuing day treatment program. The new center (opened June 1996) provides modern comprehensive facilities for clients and staff. The outpatient clinic provides a variety of individual and group counseling services. The continuing day treatment program serves clients who require on­going care in individual and group activities. Soldiers & Sailors has provided mental health services to Yates County residents since 1990 and remains one of the very few rural, community hospitals in New York to provide integrated outpatient­inpatient programs.

Dundee Family Health Center


34 Millard Street, Dundee

This outpatient, family practice Center is located approximately 14 miles from the Hospital. The Center is staffed by a full­time physician, Dr. John Cooley, who is an S&S medical staff member with admitting privileges at the Hospital, an LPN and a receptionist.

About Our Services:

Emergency Care:

Handling more than 9,000 cases each year, the Emergency Medicine Department is staffed by specially trained physicians and nurses, who are augmented by diagnostic staff. The department is staffed 24 hours each day; transportation is provided by area ambulance corps.

Surgical Services:

More than 1,300 surgical procedures are performed at S&S annually The Hospital's general surgeons are complemented by specialists who serve several Finger Lakes regional hospitals. Approximately 65% of the surgical procedures are done on an outpatient basis.

Primary Care:

In addition to 12 private practice primary care physicians who have admitting privileges at S&S, the Hospital employees three other doctors who staff two primary care facilities: Daisy Marquis Jones Family Health Center on the Hospital's ground floor and the Dundee Family Health Center, approximately 14 miles south of Penn Yan.

Long Term Care:

Comprehensive services are offered at The Homestead, a 152­bed nursing home, which provides adult day health care, a multiply impaired unit and respite beds for short term stays in addition to the baseline nursing home care. The Homestead is a modern, comfortable facility, providing several levels of care for the elderly.

Mental Health:

Since 1990, S&S has provided inpatient and outpatient mental health services. A 12­bed inpatient psychiatric unit is located within the Hospital. An outpatient clinic and a continuing day treatment program are housed at The John D. Kelly Behavioral Health Center, a short distance from the main campus. S&S employs three full­time psychiatrists.


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